Bus Etiquette: Do’s and Don’ts While on a Bus, from Noise Levels to Seating Courtesies

Traveling by bus is one of the most sustainable and cost-effective ways to get from one place to another. For many, the daily journey with Express Arrow offers a chance to relax, reflect, or even catch up on a favorite podcast. But, as with any shared space, there are some unwritten rules that ensure everyone has a pleasant experience. Let’s explore some essential bus etiquette for both seasoned travelers and first-time riders.

Boarding and Disembarking with Grace

Do: Wait for others to disembark before you get on the bus. Don’t: Rush and push. Everyone’s eager to get to their destination, but a little patience goes a long way.

Sound Etiquette

Do: Use headphones when listening to music or watching videos, and keep the volume at a level where only you can hear it. Don’t: Play music or videos aloud. Not everyone shares your taste!

Seat Selection and Spacing

Do: Opt for an empty row or the window seat if the bus isn’t crowded, giving the next passenger the choice to sit next to you or elsewhere. Don’t: Occupy aisle seats first or place bags on the seat beside you, especially during peak times.


Do: Keep your voice at a moderate level when conversing with fellow passengers or on the phone. Don’t: Have loud or long phone conversations. If a call is necessary, try to keep it short and sweet.

Snack Smartly

Do: Choose non-messy and non-smelly snacks if you plan to eat. And remember to clean up after yourself. Don’t: Bring foods like tuna, boiled eggs, or strong cheeses. Remember, confined spaces amplify smells!

Respect Personal Space

Do: Be aware of your surroundings and ensure you’re not invading anyone’s personal space. Don’t: Recline your seat without checking if it inconveniences the person behind you.

Offer Your Seat

Do: Offer your seat to the elderly, pregnant women, and anyone with physical disabilities. Don’t: Pretend to be asleep or avoid eye contact when someone in need enters.

Keep the Aisle Clear

Do: Store your bags overhead or under your seat. Don’t: Leave items in the aisle. It’s a safety hazard and can obstruct movement.

Traveling with Express Arrow is meant to be a comfortable and enjoyable experience for everyone on board. By practicing a few simple courtesies, you can ensure your journey, and that of your fellow passengers, goes smoothly. So the next time you hop on a bus, remember these etiquette tips, and enjoy the ride!


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