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We provide schedule bus transportation so you can arrive at your destination rested, relaxed, and at an affordable price.

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High prices should not be an obstacle to having a great travel experience.

Most great travel experiences are very expensive. They don’t have to be. You deserve better!

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Save Money

Booking your transportation with Express Arrow will free up money for you to spend at your destination

Hassle Free

You’ll love our hassle free, easy to buy, daily bus service. It’s simplest and best way to get around!

Arrive Rested

When you travel with Express Arrow you’ll get to your destination well rested, relaxed and happy!

We Don’t Just Care About A Great Bus Travel Experience.

We Are About You.

Over 58 Years Providing Schedule Bus Services

Over 30 Thousand Happy Passengers Every Year

850K+ Annual Safe Miles Driven Each Year

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Express Arrow

At Express Arrow, we understand that when it comes to affordable intercity travel you want to be a wise and confident traveler.

For that to happen you need an affordable regular route schedule bus service. Unfortunately, the high cost of travel makes you feel like you have to stay home. We believe everyone should be able to travel at an affordable price. We understand that travel can be expensive which is why for over 58 years Express Arrow has provided safe and affordable bus transportation.

Here’s how we do it:

  1. Choose your destination
  2. Book your trip online or give us a call
  3. Hop on the bus and safely arrive at your destination

So, go to expressarrow.com and enter your travel information. In the meantime, sign up for discounts and special offers on our website. So, stop worrying about the price of a ticket and instead travel with affordable prices with Express Arrow.

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