OC – On Call, does not stop unless prior notification, AR – Arrive, DP – Depart

Omaha – Norfolk

OC Omaha 07:30 am
OC Omaha Epply 07:45 am
Fremont 08:25 am
OC North Bend 08:45 am
OC Schuyler 09:00 am
Columbus 09:20 am
OC Humphrey 09:45 am
OC Madison 09:55 am
Norfolk 10:15 am
Norfolk 10:45 am
OC Madison 11:05 pm
OC Humphrey 11:15 pm
Columbus 11:40 pm
OC Schuyler 12:00 pm
OC North Bend 12:15 pm
Fremont 12:35 pm
OC Omaha Epply 01:15 pm
Omaha 01:30 pm

Omaha – Denver

Omaha, NE 7.15am
Lincoln, NE AR 08.15am DP 08.25am
Grand Island, NE AR 09.55am DP 10.00am
Kearney, NE AR 10:50am DP 10:55am
Lexington, NE AR 11:35pm DP 11:55pm
(CT) North Platte, NE AR 01.00pm DP 01.10pm
(MT) Ogallala, NE AR 12.55pm DP 01.00pm
Sterling, CO AR 02.20pm DP 02.35pm
Denver, CO 04.35pm
Denver, CO 8.35am
Sterling, CO AR 10.35am DP 10.50am
(MT) Ogallala, NE AR 12.10pm DP 12.15pm
(CT) North Platte, NE AR 2.00pm DP 2.10pm
Lexington, NE AR 3.15pm DP 3.35pm
Kearney, NE AR 4.15pm DP 4.20pm
Grand Island, NE AR 5.10pm DP 5.15pm
Lincoln, NE AR 6.45pm DP 6.55pm
Omaha, NE 7.55pm

Denver – Casper – Buffalo

  Buffalo, WY DP 7.35am
  Casper, WY AR 9.15am DP 9.25am
  Douglas, WY DP 10.10am
  Wheatland, WY AR 11.20am DP 11.50m
  Cheyenne, WY AR 1.00pm DP 1.10pm
  Greeley, CO AR 2.15pm DP 2.20pm
  Denver Amtrak, CO AR 3.30pm
  Denver Greyhound, CO AR 3.30pm
  Denver Greyhound, CO DP 1.00pm
  Denver Amtrak, CO DP 1.10pm
  Greeley, CO AR 2.15pm DP 2.20pm
  Cheyenne, WY AR 3.25pm DP 3.35pm
  Wheatland, WY AR 4.45pm DP 5.15pm
  Douglas, WY DP 6.15pm
  Casper, WY AR 7.05pm DP 7.10pm
  Buffalo, WY AR 9.10pm

Cheyenne – Shoshoni – Billings

Tuesday & Thursday (Read Down)  
Billings, MT DP 6.00am
Cody, WY 7.55am
Cody, WY DP 8.00am
Greybull, WY 8.55am
Basin, WY DP 9.10am
Thermopolis, WY Meal Stop 10.15am
Thermopolis, WY DP 10.30am
Shoshoni, WY DP 11.10am
Casper, WY DP 1.00pm
Cheyenne, WY DP 4.00pm
Monday & Wednesday (Read Down)  
Cheyenne, WY DP 6.00am
Casper, WY DP 8.50am
Shoshoni, WY DP10.35am
Thermopolis, WY Meal Stop,  AR11.15am
Thermopolis, WY DP 11.30am
Basin, WY DP 12.30pm
Greybull, WY DP 12.40pm
Cody, WY AR 1.35pm
Cody, WY DP 1.40pm
Billings, MT AR 4.00pm

Due to the circumstances beyond our control, Express Arrow has cancelled the following schedule for tomorrow Monday January 24,2022.

Schedule 0120      Denver, CO to Omaha, NE cancelled for Monday 01-24-2022

We apologize for any inconvenience,

Thank you,