Express Arrow Package Express Service

Need to ship packages by bus? Express Arrow can provide express shipments via our daily bus service. We directly serve communities in Nebraska, Wyoming, Colorado, and Montana. You can ship to any of our numerous locations along our routes. If you need to ship across the country, our connections with our transportation partners allows us to ship your express packages/shipments to thousands of other destinations throughout the United States, Mexico, and Canada. Depending upon the origin and destination of your shipment, we may offer same day service.

Shipping by bus is convenient and affordable. Express Arrow can ship anything from small documents to packages weighing up to 100 lbs. Please read our terms and conditions for details.

Inspection Notice

Express Arrow reserves the right to open & inspect shipments when deemed necessary, and has the right to refuse shipment for items that are improperly or inadequately packed, damaged, and/or containing articles prohibited by law and/or regulations governing inter-state commerce. (i.e. certain electronics, live animals, antiques, alcohol, etc.). Contact your nearest depot for more detailed information about prohibited articles for shipment.

Express Arrow also reserves the right to open & inspect shipments where necessary, to verify the description of contents matches what is shown on the waybill. In the event the contents are found to be incorrectly described, additional charges may be applied in accordance with what is being shipped.

Shipments will NOT be accepted for transport if inspection is refused.

All contents and/or nature of shipments must be identified by the shipper prior to shipment & must be described on the waybill detail sufficient to enable the Carriers to ascertain the shipment meets all packaging requirements

Contact your local Express Arrow depot or agency for shipping options & rates.

Size, Weight & Value Limitations

Size: Maximum weight is 100 pounds. Maximum dimensions we can accommodate are 82” L x 47” W x 29” H.

Participating carriers reserve the right to refuse any packages which dimensions, even though within the limits specified herein, exceed the size or capacity of the baggage bays and/or express compartments of its vehicles.

Weight: No single package will be accepted for transport that exceeds one hundred (100) pounds including the packaging material. Baggage in Express Service shipments may not exceed 75 pounds per piece.


No single shipment will be accepted for transportation which exceeds one thousand dollars ($1,000) in actual or released value. Released or declared value is the value agreed upon between the shipper and carrier as evidenced by the uniform receipt given to the shipper by the carrier at the time of shipment tender or as agreed upon. Except for baggage in Express Service shipments, value charges will be applied for any shipment with a value greater than one hundred dollars ($100). Baggage in Express Service shipments will be assessed value charges if a greater value than two hundred, fifty dollars ($250) is declared.

Excess Value Charges: Excess value charges will be assessed dependent upon the value declared in writing by the shipper and agreed upon by the carrier as the released value of the property found in the declared value section.

Declared value: Shipments with declared or released value of more than $1,000 will not be transported. In all cases, the carrier’s liability is limited to the actual value of the items lost or damaged regardless if a higher value was declared. Proof of value must be provided upon request.

For multiple piece shipments, declared value will be evenly divided among all items being shipped (i.e. $200 declared value on a four-piece shipment would equate to $50 per item). If a higher amount is required for a single piece, it should be tendered as a separate shipment with its own declared value.

If declared value is above One Hundred US dollars ($100), excess value charges must be paid at the time of shipment and must be reflected as such on the waybill.

Rates for excess value charges will vary depending upon the declared value and shipment zone. Please speak with your agent for more details.

Storage Charges

Storage charges may be assessed if the shipment has not been picked up within five (5) days of notification of arrival.

Storage Fees: A charge in the amount of ten dollars ($10) per day or fraction thereof, not to exceed two hundred dollars ($200) for the first twenty (20) days, will be assessed for each shipment. Items not picked up after thirty (30) days will be subject to proper disposal. Additional shipping charges will apply if a return of items is requested before the disposal occurs.


Any claims for missing or damaged shipments must be made in writing within thirty (30) days of shipment. Please send your request along with a copy of the paid waybill and any documentation pertaining to the shipment to:

Attn: Express Arrow
Freight Express Claims
720 E. Norfolk Ave
Norfolk, NE 68701